Brock String For Eye Exercise Vision Convergence Training
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Brock String For Eye Exercise Vision Convergence Training


  • Brock Strings, 12ft in length with 5 beads
  • The Brock String with 5 beads is used during treatment of convergence insufficiency and other binocular vision anomalies. Used to develop skills of convergence as well as to disrupt suppression of one of the eyes.

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Brock String is a vision therapy too which is used for training eye muscles in order to fix ocular conditions which includes fixation problem. It is a tool used in vision therapy to help improve visual skills such as eye tracking, eye teaming, and focus. It consists of a long, thin string with beads attached at regular intervals. The string is hung in front of the user and the beads are used as targets for the eyes to follow. This exercise can help improve visual skills by strengthening the muscles that control eye movement and by increasing the brain’s ability to process visual information. Vision therapy is a type of treatment that aims to improve visual skills and abilities through a series of exercises and activities, and it is often used to help individuals with conditions such as strabismus (misaligned eyes), amblyopia (lazy eye), and convergence insufficiency (difficulty using both eyes together).

Product Description:

  • Use this 5 Beads Brock String to improve your sight picture for firearms training. Added a clamp to attach the other end to something and train your eyes to focus quicker
  • Great tool for sports Vision Training for shooters, strengthening your eye muscles, vision therapy, focus faster, convergence exercises, improving your vision for sport performance and shooting marksmanship as well
  • Search online for demonstration videos and articles on how to use it to train your eyes. Also some really detailed videos
  • Convergence training using this can be useful for convergence insufficiency, as well as strength and athletic performance
  • EASY TO USE: You can use this right from the comfort of your home with a very short learning curve involved

Watch this video to understand how to use it:


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