Miru 1 Month Silicone Hydrogel Contact lens in Nepal
Miru 1month Menicon Silicone Hydrogel Contact Lens
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Miru 1month Menicon Silicone Hydrogel Contact Lens


  • Manufacturer Menicon, Japan
  • Lens Material: Asmofilcon A
  • Silicone Hydrogel: Yes
  • Number of contact lenses in the box: 6
  • Lens replacement schedule: Monthly (day use)
  • Oxygen transmissibility (Dk/t) 161
  • Water Content: 40%

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Miru 1month contact lenses are designed to let you see the world in a new way. Developed in Japan, they take their name from the Japanese word for seeing. And from the time you wake up in the morning until you go to sleep at night, they let you look at life in a bright new way.

Technology in balance

Miru 1month, a unique technology designed to meet the demands of today’s contact lens wearer.1

Material and surface technologies
Unique silicone polymerzation,
innovative hydrophilic monomer

Ultra high Dk/t
Exceptional hydration
Optimized transparency

Unique surface technology,
nanometer precision

Super smooth surface
Resistance to bacteria
Exellent wettabilty


Ultra Dk/t for healthy eyes
MeniSilk™ technology delivers one of the highest levels of oxygen transmission of any commercially available disposable lens.
Benefits of oxygen
Eyes that can breathe are healthier, whiter and allow worry-free wear from morning until night.2,3,4

Benefits of design
A totally breathable lens ensuring every part of the eye gets the oxygen that it needs for healthy, happy, whiter eye.

Thickness matters
The thickness of a lens can significantly impact O2 transmissibility.
Miru 1month sphere, toric and multifocal design optimize O2 transmissibility across the whole lens surface, over the entire power range.


Menicon internal profiling data on file

A surface engineered for healthy eyes
NanoGloss™ nanometer precision technology provides an ultra smooth surface, reducing bacterial biofilm adhesion and lipid deposits5, supporting clean, healthy lens wear.


Miru 1month demonstrates the lowest level of bacterial adhesion on worn lenses when compared to other silicone hydrogel lenses.6


Benefits of reducing desposits
A super smooth surface for cleaner lenses, healthier eyes and clearer vision.

Reduced cosmetic absorption
NanoGloss™ precision surface resists absorption of cosmetic oils and gels, supporting healthy, clean comfortable wear.

Benefits of reducing cosmetic contamination
A surface which promotes all day comfort, every day.


Balancing design and material
Miru 1month lenses have a unique edge profile applied across the whole power range, providing the ultimate in uniform comfort. Whatever the power, the lens periphery and the edge thickness remain the same, eliminating comfort differences between eyes due to variation in edge thickness between lenses.


Benefits of edge design
Our eyelids work hard blinking up to 28,000 times a day. This clever lens design allows lids to glide effortlessly over the lens for a more comfortable day.

Lens Specifications

  • Material asmofilcon A(Silicone hydrogel)
  • Water Content 40%
  • DK/[email protected] 161 × 10-9(cm/sec)・(mLO2/(mL × mmHg))
  • Center Thickness 0.08mm @ -3.00D

Parameters range

  • Base curve 8.3mm/8.6mm
  • Diameter 14.0mm
  • Sphere +6.00D to -6.00D(0.25 steps)
    -6.50D to -13.00D(0.50 steps)
    *No plano
  • Lens Marking
  • Wear Daily wear monthly replacement
  • Packaging Available in 6 packs

Additional information

Right Eye (OD) Power

-0.50, -0.75, -1.00, -1.25, -1.50, -1.75, -10.00, -10.50, -11.00, -11.50, -12.00, -13.00, -2.00, -2.25, -2.50, -2.75, -3.00, -3.25, -3.50, -3.75, -4.00, -4.25, -4.50, -4.75, -5.00, -5.25, -5.50, -5.75, -6.00, -6.50, -7.00, -7.50, -8.00, -8.50, -9.00, -9.50

Left Eye (OS) Power

-0.50, -0.75, -1.00, -1.25, -1.50, -1.75, -10.00, -10.50, -11.00, -11.50, -12.00, -2.00, -2.25, -2.50, -2.75, -3.00, -3.25, -3.50, -3.75, -4.00, -4.25, -4.50, -4.75, -5.00, -5.25, -5.50, -5.75, -6.00, -6.50, -7.00, -7.50, -8.00, -8.50, -9.00, -9.50


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